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Bus Advertising

Local and National Bus Advertising

High Impact, Low Cost, Flexible, Coverage…Bus Advertising!

Bus advertising has always played an integral role in media plans and this is set to continue, with the ability to reach an entire community with repeat advertising engagement bus advertising connects with urban audiences on the move across the UK.

Buses offer a large mobile advertising capturing the attention of thousands of consumers every day while they’re in the marketplace to buy and in proximity to purchase points, buses go where people go so you are guaranteed the reach .

Bus Advertising

Bus advertising creates high awareness levels for any campaign in a short period of time bringing your brand to the market place.

4.5 billion passenger journeys in the UK each year
2.2 billion bus trips made on London buses alone

Source: The London Commuter, TGI, The Road to Enlightenment, London Worker Planning Tool, ONS

Bus Superside

High impact advertising, excellent for brand recall and to ensure your campaign message is if full view across on the high street. Excellent space for story boarding a campaign creative and a tool for social media activities.

Bus T-Sides

Excellent for creative campaign messages that require a little more impact to execute the CTA. These are the premium placements for bus advertising and a popular choice of format nationally and with London.

Bus Rears

Excellent format for engaging with drivers, commuters and passengers with dwell time. Eye level format seen by thousands of eyeballs every week. Tried and trust media choice and used by local and national brands to get their campaign message seen.

Bus Internal headliners

Internal advertising panels provide high dwell time media, captive audience media great for internal bus domination advertising, multi messaging and call to action creative.

Bus Single Mega Rears & Double Mega Rears

Single deck mega rears of stand out double deck bus mega rears provide high impact, creative covering the whole of the rear including bumper and side panel. Used for PR and social campaigns to send a message.

Bus Super Squares

This creative placement can be requested road or passenger side excellent for a disruptive advertising message.

Fully Wrapped Bus

Used by many brands for PR activities and you can see why, complete domination of a moving media vehicle engaging all audiences. Excellent for creative execution and social media activations. Excellent for brands who want to stand out from the crowd.

London Routemaster Buses

London Routemaster buses are uniquely positioned to speak to Central Londoners on the move around the Capital and drive consumers to take action. High profile and iconic London Bus advertising is a unique media that not only aligns the brand with successful brands but captures an audience of millions.

Bus Exploding Streetliners

An excellent choice for stunning creative! Used with a standard streetliner if you want a creative that tells a story this is the one.

London Bus Advertising

London buses have become so essential to the economy and routine of the city that they have become an iconic part of the capital.

  • 85% of London commuter prefer buses with advertising
  • ¾ urbanities visit their high street at once a week
  • 4 in 5 London respondents recall seeing a wrapped bus within the last 3 months
  • 5.8 million people in the London area have seen Bus advertising in the past week

London bus advertising is iconic in the Capital and New Route Master bus fleet NBFL (new bus for London) is the newest media platform. High in demand and limited availability NBFL allow a brand to target two key central London routes the home of not just iconic buses but iconic brands.

Why Bus Advertising

National buses transport over 2/3 all passengers using public transport, over four times of train travellers.

  • Fifty five percent of all bus passengers are ABC1
  • Sixty five percent of ABC1 adults have noticed bus advertising in the last week
  • Thirty million people have seen advertising on the outside of a bus in the last week
  • Eighty six percent of bus passengers can spontaneously recall bus advertising
  • Eighty percent of consumers have responded to bus advertising

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