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Cinema Advertising

Effective Cinema Campaigns

Brands on the big screen! Cinema advertising never fails to impress any brand who has the opportunity to add into their marketing mix! No other media captivates it’s audience in such a unique setting.

Your Brand on the big screen

The cinema is the best environment in which to showcase any brand with an audience that is in a relaxed and receptive state of mind. There are no distractions and advertising is readily accepted as part of the whole cinema experience. This makes cinema advertising one of the most impactful media channels available and this has been fully validated by the recent Brand Science research which independently verifies we are a class leader in terms of ROI.

Why Cinema

With a diverse range of audiences going to the cinema on a regular basis, all of them highly targetable by any number of criteria including film choice and location and audience packages.

With new innovative media placements now in cinema foyers on-screen advertising there are now many different ways of reaching your audience throughout their consumer journey, as they search on-line, in the 6 sheet poster sites within the cinema foyers before hitting the big screen!

When comparing average CPTs for both TV and cinema across 5 key audiences, research shows that cinema is 3 times more cost effective than TV if we take into account the fact it is 8 times more impactful.

  • Cinema advertising never fails to impress
  • Cinema provides a ‘No distractions’ form of advertising
  • Cinema locations are often on retail parks or in City Centre great for buyer response rates!
  • Cinema can be brought nationally or geo-target locations
  • Cinema admission are increasing with 2017 was another record breaking year for cinema with admissions up 1.4% on 2016
  • Cinema Family advertising package offer a unique pester power and purse strings audience in one place!
  • Cinema consistently works for advertisers and their brands as an advertising medium.

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