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Mobile App Marketing

Want to Promote Your Mobile App?

Generate installs, buzz and engagement.

In the increasing crowded market place of Apps having a Mobile App Marketing plan is essential to an Apps success to build installs and acquire engaged mobile users by planning and executing targeted and effective Mobile Advertising Campaigns.

What is Mobile App Marketing?

There are essentially three different targeted Mobile App Marketing platforms; Acquisition and Click to Install Campaigns, Video Campaigns and Re-Targeting Campaigns.

Acquisition and Click to Install Campaigns

Paid for acquisition campaigns are based on search and keywords built from your app UX and delivered across targeted sites, search and social media with traffic tagging

Video Campaigns

Video embedded App url installs are an effective form of high audience engagement and also allows the brand to tell the story behind the app or use as a teaser commercial

Re-Targeting Campaigns

Re-Targeting display campaigns provides a reminder to recently engaged or interested consumers with adverts delivered the optimum amount of times for conversion

Push Notifications

Mobile App Push Notifications are the text alerts or banner adverts that appear on a user’s mobile device home lock screen and delivered similar to a text message if the user has downloaded your app.

Research shows:

  • Push Notifications can increase user engagement with your app up to 88%
  • 65% of users with Push Notification enabled return to your app within 60 days
  • 50% of users opt in to Push Notifications, and say they find them useful or have prompted Engagement

We can build push notification content plans including keyword copy for clients, taking the workload off you and providing optimum flight timings based on your audience data.

How Do You Get Started?

First we would plan your target audience profile and understand your USP, competitors and CTA and build a user acquisition strategy. We would drill down into the app UX and data points to pull out rich analytics that will determine your best ROI and medias to use for user building and qualified engagement.

All our campaigns are built bespoke and we have a dedicated account manager who works on your campaign daily optimising, feeding content and conducing A-B testing until the optimum creative and CTA is performing.

We provide full evaluations reports and offer a booked talk through session for all clients.

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