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Press Advertising

Press Advertising still stands strong

Press advertising is more affordable and flexible than most other media’s

Press (Newspaper/Magazine) advertising even in the digital world we live in stands strong and is still one of the UK’s most established medias, an proven and cost effective marketing channel to reach the masses or targeted audiences through lifestyle, geo targeted and national titles.

Newspaper advertising can also integrate print-to-web features, such as QR codes, to link readers with relevant web-based information, including special offers and more. In addition, the short lead times of newspapers allow for quick changes to any ad, while still meeting the necessary deadlines.

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Getting your brand in the hands of thousands

Press Advertising whether that by national or local newspaper to glossy table top magazines still crave physical communication as part of our daily life. According to the Content Marketing Institute, two out of three marketing professionals now neglect to utilise print media as part of their marketing strategy. This means they are failing to recognise the impact and reach that this media still has on their audience.

Why Press Advertising

National Press Advertising reaches the masses and literally puts your brand in hands of your audiences not many media’s can do this!

Lifestyle magazines really target your audience and by being aligned with an established and trusted magazine this build trust.

There are so many formats that can make your stand out from the crowd to support the traditional page advertising. From cover positions, wraps, bookends to sponsorships and engaging advertorials written by the editorial team.

  • Press advertising still stands strong in the UK 
  • Press advertising improves your brand awareness and solidifying your brand identity
  • Press advertising can be creative to stand out from the crowd
  • Press advertising can be brought nationally or geo-target locations and lifestyle targeted
  • Press advertising reaches your audience in dwell time where they have time to absorb messages and CTA (Call To Actions)
  • Extensive audiences, press audiences can reach into millions, so excellent for for mass marketing
  • Press Advertising consistently works for advertisers and their brands as an advertising medium.

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