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Radio Advertising

National and Local Radio Advertising

We are dedicated to sharing and exploring the possibilities of advertising on radio

Radio advertising is still one of the most cost effective forms for media but how the campaign is planned and executed needs years of successful experience. Weird Lime know all too well what this takes and has successfully launched new brands into the ears of millions creating a completing story along the way.

What Radio has to offer

Whether you are looking for mass market or that hard to reach audience, national or regional, planning is key. With access to new developments from audience data planning to DAX can be worked around budget we can provide a solution that is manageable, realistic, and can be worked around budget. Geo-targeting to that next level, based on intelligent targeting and ran via impression brands are able to receive direct feedback immediately and even combined direct traffic with direct store sales.

Dax Radio

DAX provided brands with easy way to access 16 million listeners on 180 digital audio publishers including SoundCloud, Sonos, Deezer, Capital, Radio X, Kiss and many more.

Radio Sponsorship

Typical radio sponsorships are traffic and travel, weather, sport, drivetime and breakfast etc. Usually the cost of the production of the sponsorship tags is included in the monthly cost.

Commercial Radio Advertising

Commercial radio sector claims record ad revenue. It means the medium has attracted a record spend for the second year in a row, and outperformed the overall ad industry's Advertising Association.

The UK Loves Radio

Surprising though it is to the many people dazzled by the constant stream of new technology launches, good old radio (meaning that broadcast linear stream of predominantly live presenter-led audio content) remains in great shape.

The facts speak for themselves: record audiences of 48.7 million (90%) of adults listen to radio every week for an average of 21.5 hours, with over 35.5 million tuning in to the commercial sector alone. The rise of digital platforms is making radio more accessible, bringing it to more spaces and places. Listening to radio via a digital platform now accounts for over 45% of total radio listening.

Perhaps this love for the medium derives from the fact that, freely available and effortless to consume, radio on any platform continues to play a unique emotional role in the listener’s life – lifting their mood when engaged in other tasks, wherever, whenever – a role that is impossible for other media to fulfil to the same degree.

Britain’s love of radio means that the medium wields incredibly powerful emotional influence for advertiser brands.

Radiocentre’s website is designed to help advertisers share in that love. We hope you find it valuable.

7 Reason why Radio Advertising works


  • Radio offers efficient targeting
  • Radio reaches people at relevant times and places
  • Radio reaches out in an ad avoidance world
  • Radio has a “multiplier effect” on other media
  • Radio creates a large “share of mind” for a brand
  • Radio drives response, especially online
  • Radio is “a companion”

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