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Supermarket Advertising

Supermarket Advertising across all
major retailers

Data-driven campaigns are a new way to capture supermarket shoppers!

These eye-catching digital screens are located in prime position near the entrance to the stores and an effective point-of-sale network and proven media with campaign delivery providing +15% during the advertising campaign and a +10% retention after.

Ads shown appeal to consumers seeing them, as they are curated by factors including calendar events, seasonality and weather, as well as by store and by time. This means greater levels of engagement and greater levels of sales effectiveness.

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EPOS data delivers a clear understanding of advertising effectiveness.

Unique data partnerships with dunnhumby means access to £923 million of customer spend and 13 million unique shopper store visits. This supplies a wealth of store specific consumer data to enable pinpoint audience targeting.

Smartscreen campaigns see an average +23% sales uplift during a campaign and +11% sales uplift post campaign (source: Nielsen).

Create a tactical campaign by combining with proximity bus shelter advertising! See our billboard advertising and poster section.

Asda Digital Supermarket Advertising Screens

Holding 16% of the UK’s grocery market share, Asda’s weekly footfall into their stores is in the millions.

Their strategy is driven by offering great value products; with their audience predominantly falling into the below categories:

  • Low cost shoppers
  • Consumers looking for bulk deals
  • Mothers with young children

Sainsbury’s Digital Supermarket Screens

Sainsbury’s has 16% market share; meaning huge amounts of footfall per store each week.

Sainsburys’ focus has always been on its fresh, high quality foods. Their audience largely fall into the below categories:

  • ABC1 demographic (affluent consumers)
  • Health conscious consumers

Morrison Supermarket 6 Sheets

Posters in prime back-lit positions at the entrance to Morrison stores.
Motion sensors allow for creative marketing campaigns

  • Consumers looking for bulk deals
  • Mothers with young children
  • Students

Tesco SmartScreens

Delivering data-driven messages at point of sale, based on a network of digital screens at the country’s largest supermarket group. The SmartScreen at Tesco digital network allows brands to create dynamic and tactical campaigns Digital 6-sheet channel reaches 24% of the UK population every fortnight.

  • Consumers looking for bulk deals
  • Families
  • Multi purchases outside of groceries across household, toys, beauty…

Waitrose Supermarket 6 Sheets

Waitrose has increased its market share, growing sales and loyalty offers through the strategic use of advertising and design creativity. Waitrose combines the convenience of a modern supermarket with the expertise of a specialist retailer.

Waitrose consumer is:

  • +177 more likely to be AB
  • +156 more likely to be managing director
  • +200 more likely to be at board level
  • +179 more likely to have take 5+ holidays in the last 12 months
  • +267 more likely to earn £50K+
  • +141 more likely to work in fiancé
  • +167 more likely to work in media & communication
  • +158 more likely to be a business owner
  • +143 more likely to own at least 2 cars
  • +213 more likely to agree don’t need to budget when food shopping
  • +116 more likely to agree don’t plan weekly shop
  • +135 more likely to agree advertising promoted a charity donation
  • +192 more likely to visit 4-5 times a week

Source: YouGov Jan 2017 (Main Supermarket used: Waitrose)