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Website Management

Helping take away the hassle of the day to day management of your site

Effectively managing a website takes up valuable time which spend making profit in other areas within the company is more cost effective for the business.

Let us take the hassle out of every day updates and security from domain management, hosting packages they save you money and are secure and content updates. We can even help you set up your email marketing campaigns, cleanse your database and design bespoke and effective email campaigns.

We work within most frameworks and products such as WordPress, Shopify and even our very own bespoke CRM system which is used across the world by many well know brands. We cover standard web languages from Java, PHP, CSS and Javascript.

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Website Updates

We are happy to update your website on an ad-hoc basis or according to an ongoing monthly management plan. Either way, our website management services are efficient, reliable and good value for money. Contact us for our website management prices.

Website, Email and DNS Hosting

There's no need to search for third-party providers of website hosting, email hosting and domain name management. These are all part of our service when we build your website. We monitor all sites that we host and provide excellent ongoing server maintenance and security. Our hosting rates are affordable and the service is secure.

Data Backups and Security

As we all know, things can go wrong on the Internet from time to time. Preparation is key to avoiding the worst case scenario. Our management plans include a regular data backup schedule across multiple locations, hardware and network redundancy to make sure we can keep you running.

Digital Marketing

Need help with digital marketing? We’ll advise you on the most suitable strategies and give you the tools to execute them: Understand how your website is performing using website traffic analysis and keyword ranking and competitor reports. Improve website search engine results with our dedicated SEO services. Increase traffic to your site, generate leads and promote sales with email campaigns and social media integration. 

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